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Infrared Saunas

In the past few years, Far Infrared Sauna's have been taking the sauna world by storm. They have proven to provide virtually all the benefits of a traditional Finnish sauna, with lower operating costs, faster heat up times, and much easier installation. Infrared saunas use a type of light called Far-Infrared light, instead of a traditional electric or gas heater that you'll find in most sauna's. Instead of heating the air in the sauna, far infrared light heats your body itself. This allows the sauna to heat up at a very fast rate, as it is not the air around you, but the effec of the infrared lights on your skin that does the heating. This is the same effect that you feel if you are outside and walk from a sunny spot to a shady spot. You will suddenly feel cooler. The air temperature around you has not changed, but the infrared light given off by the sun is no longer warming your skin. Infrared saunas use this same power to provide you with the best ultimate sauna experience at a small fraction of the time and money required for traditional saunas.

Infrared saunas are mostly manufactured in China, but are readily available in most countries. Due to their modular design, they can even be purchased on the internet and shipped directly to your home. Sauna kits are designed to be easily assembled, by even a novice handyman. Also, since the kits are very portable, if you decide that you want to move your infrared sauna from room to room, or from indoors to outdoors, you can simply take it apart and reassemble it in the new location. Many people move their sauna's indoors for the winter to avoid having to brave the cold winter air after an enjoyable sauna experience.

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