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4 Person Saunas

4 person saunas allow you to share the benefits of an infrared sauna with friends or family members. In most cases 4 person saunas are set up so that two benches face each other. The benches are designed to comfortably seat two people. If you are looking to purchase a 4 person sauna, it is recommended to take note of the size of the benches. Although they are called 4 person saunas you'll want to make sure that you can comfortable fit two adults into the area of each seat. To tell if it will work for you, a simple test is to measure out the space on a bench or couch and actually sit in it, as it is difficult for most people to get a good idea of size just from a measurement.

Benefits of 4 person saunas

  • Seats four people, or two people with a large amount of room to spread out.
  • Allows for the social aspect of sauna bathing

Prior to infrared heating becoming popular, 4 person saunas took quite a bit of time to get up to an appropriate temperature. The larger air space required more fuel and time to heat. With infrared saunas, this has changed, and 4 person saunas have jumped in popularity.

Far infrared heating has modernized the home sauna industry, allowing 4 person saunas to become popular

For all your far infrared sauna needs

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