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Facial Saunas

A facial sauna usually consists of a small water reservoir with an electric heating element below it. The heating element heats the water to the point where it gives off steam, and provides a steam bath for your face. Due to the small size of the water reservoir you can usually expect to get steam rather quickly.

In most cases a mask designed to comfortably fit your face is attached to the reservoir, guiding the steam to your face. To control the amount of steam that your face is exposed to, simply alter the distance your face is from the mask. If you can handle the heat, placing your face directly into the mask will provide you with the maximum deep cleaning benefits. You should hold this position only for short periods of time unless you are conditioned for the heat.

Benefits of a facial sauna

Facial saunas have two major benefits; deep skin cleansing (by opening and rinsing out your pores) and unclogging stuffed sinuses.

Steaming your face opens your pores, allowing for a much deeper clean than merely washing dirt off the surface of your skin.

Facial saunas also make extremely good vaporizers or humidifiers. Virtually any condition where a room humidifier is recommended can benefit from the use of a facial sauna.

Many people have also reported having success using facial saunas for acne treatment as well.

Operating a facial sauna

As most facial saunas have a very small reservoir, the water can evaporate very quickly, so if you intend to use it for a long period of time, you may want to keep a container of water nearby. That way, you can quickly refill the reservoir when/if it goes dry.

Due to the smaller size of the reservoir, facial units are not useful as an overnight vaporizer. If your sinuses are keeping you awake at night, it would be more beneficial to consider the use of a traditional vaporizer that provides steam for several hours.

While Steam is great for deep cleaning your skin, you can also add "extras" like essential oils to the water to enhance the whole experience. Just a few drops is all that's needed to really improve the facial sauna experience.

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