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Far Infrared Sauna

Far infrared heat

Sunlight carries with it a natural energy which can heat objects, but not the surrounding air. This natural energy is called far infrared light. As the object absorbs this energy it begins to warm up, but since the energy passes through the air with little affect, the surrounding air is not super heated. Instead the air around is only heated by warmth radiating from the object itself. Far infrared energy / light should not be mistaken for more harmful wavelengths of light such as ultraviolet or UV radiation. Far infrared light can penetrate deep into your skin and muscles, increasing your bloodflow and thereby aiding in the recovery of damaged tissues.

Steam vs. Infrared

Unlike infrared light saunas, traditional saunas often use a gas, electric or wood heater which is used to heat the air to very high temperatures. The air then heats the people who are using the sauna. This hot atmosphere warms the sauna bathers body, thus causing them to sweat and thereby release toxins stored in the body. Although many people enjoy the high heat of a traditional sauna, there are a growing number of sauna users who greatly prefer the warm, but much lower temperature found in a far infrared sauna. Since the air is not super heated in a far infrared sauna, users are able to stay in longer and enjoy more of the benefits that saunas provide.

Traditional saunas also fall short of far infrared sauna when it comes to operating costs. Since far infrared saunas don't require any time to preheat, they do not waste energy. They also do not need to waste energy heating the air inside the sauna.

Steel Vs. Ceramic infrared heaters

Originally most far infrared sauna's on the market employeed steel heating elements. Manufacturers are now slowly starting to consider steel elements to be older technology. With the use of ceramic heating elements, saunas require less time to warm up, operate at lower temperatures, and use less energy to attain the deep penetrating heat that infrared saunas are known for.

Far infrared saunas are also known as infrared saunas or FIR saunas.

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