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Finnish Saunas

Although the term Finnish Sauna is commonly used to describe traditional saunas, it can be applied to virtually any sauna as they originated in Finland. In the past few years, with the advent of infrared saunas, the term Finnish saunas has come to represent more traditional saunas, which use wood, gas, or electricity for heating.

A History of the Finnish sauna

It is quite obvious from the name that of course Finnish saunas originated in the country of Finland. Historians cannot agree on the exact date of the first record of a sauna bath as a definition for what constitutes a sauna has not been universally accepted. Some consider any reference to sitting in a heated room to be a sauna, while others require steam to be added for it to qualify. The original finnish saunas were very similar to the North American indians sweat lodge. Finnish saunas were traditionally used to bathe, and were heated by smoke heaters. A smoke heater was a chimney-less fireplace. Instead of a chimney, the original finnish saunas had holes in the roof for the smoke to escape from. This hole was important, as it allowed oxygen into the sauna, and let the smoke escape. Due to this the design of the saunas often hinged around it.

The finnish sauna is considered by some to be the original and only true sauna.

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