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JML Total Sauna

Touted as "The portable sauna for your own home!", the manufacturers of the JML Total Sauna ask you to |Indulge yourself and your body whenever you want! Total Sauna offers you all the benefits of a normal sauna in the comfort of your own home. Pure relaxation with your own rejuvenating spa session, whenever you feel like it! You can also read or watch TV while using your Total Sauna — what better way to unwind! Easily purifies the skin Eliminate toxins and improves skin’s appearance Feel good and reduce stress at the same time Fully foldable, takes up very little space Includes: Total Sauna, steam generator, carry bag, slimming diet and instruction manual"

The JML Total Sauna basically amounts to a foldable enclosure with a heated steamer attached. This will allow you to get the benefits of a steam room, without requiring all the space. At least the parts of your body that are in the enclosure will get the benefits. Your head and arms usually aren't in the chamber so they will not reap the benefits of the steam bath.

The JML Total sauna will not give a tight seal around your body (this would be rather uncomfortable even if it did) so it will wind up humidifying the room that you use it in. During the dryer winter months this might actually be beneficial, but it could be a problem in more humid climates.

JML Total Sauna Benefits

  • Portable
  • Does not require much space compared to traditional steam rooms
  • Low price

For all your far infrared sauna needs

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