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Saunas affect Acne

When looking at acne and saunas, most people find that the affect of a sauna on acne will often depend on the type of sauna used, as well as the individual person. Saunas are usually divided into steam or wet saunas and dry saunas. Steam saunas combine the heat of a sauna with a moist and humid environment, while dry saunas provide more heat in an environment with very little humidity. Both promote sweating and the opening of your pores, so both should theoretically be beneficial for problem skin. Although in theory, this is true, peoples experience with saunas and acne still varies. Some people with acne swear that regularly partaking in a sauna has cured or cleared up their skin. Some people report that saunas have had no effect on their acne.

Steam Rooms and acne

Steam rooms, or steam saunas have been known to be quite beneficial to acne sufferers. The heat and moisture that is found in a steam sauna opens your pores and cause you to perspire. This clears out your poors. Many people did find that in some cases their acne got worse before it got better. They found that the heat of the sauna brought the acne to the surface. Once past this stage, they found that the sauna helped keep their pores clean and decrease their acne.

Infrared saunas and acne

Many infrared sauna manufacturers promote their products based on the claim of their products being beneficial for those with problem skin. The heat in the infrared sauna may help the sebum to liquefy. Blocked sebum, dead skin cells and other impurities found in your pores are expelled through excessive sweating in the infrared sauna. Acne treatment medications can be used in conjunction with an infrared sauna, but in the case of face creams it's best not to use them directly before an infrared sauna session, as most of the cream will be "washed away" through perspiration.

Saunas help prevent acne scars

The temperature found in an infrared or steam sauna has also been found to be beneficial in preventing or minimizing the potential scaring that acne can cause. The far infrared rays from an infrared sauna are also known to promote better blood circulation, which can also be helpful in preventing acne scaring.

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