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Sauna Pools

Traditionally, during or after using a sauna, many sauna bathers would plunge themselves into a cold body of water. In some cases this would go to the extreme of cutting a hole in a frozen lake close to shore, and going from the heated sauna to the frigid water. This jump from one extreme temperature to another can be exhilarating to some, while medically unsafe for others. The drastic temperature change can have quite an effect on your body, and as such should only be undertaken after consulting your physician.

In modern times, sauna pools are used to simulate the plunge into the icy lake or creek that so invigorated our ancestors. A sauna pool is simply a pool of cool water in close proximity to a sauna. Sauna pools can range anywhere from the size of large barrel or kiddy pool, up to full sized pools. Some individuals will go as far as adding ice to the water in order to reduce the temperature.

In Northern climates, especially during winter, many sauna bathers use an alternative to the sauna pool. They will leave the heat of the sauna and jump, dive, or roll in the snow. This is truely an unforgettable experience.

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