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Sauna Thermometers

With the increase in popularity of saunas in recent years, the sauna accessory market has also boomed. Gone are the days of putting any old thermometer in your sauna. There are now not only thermometers made specifically for saunas, with all the features that a sauna bather could ask for, but they also come in such a wide variety of shapes and styles that you should have no problems finding the perfect sauna thermometer for you and your home sauna. A thermometer is a necessary accessory in any Sauna, whether infrared or traditional as it is important to know the correct temperature and to make sure you don't excede safe temperature limits. After your Sauna room has been heating for at least thirty minutes, an average temperature is usually about 180° F for a traditional sauna. The best location to hang your thermometer is 6" below the ceiling, directly above your Sauna heater. Another useful item is the hygrometer. It will indicate the Sauna humidity, which usually ranges from 10 to 35%, depending upon the amount of water used on the stones.

Sauna Thermometer Features

Aside from telling the temperature, most sauna thermometers on the market today come with a variety of features.
  • available in analog or digital
  • current temperature (of course)
  • sauna humidity / hygrometer
  • built in time clock
  • sauna bathing time alarm
  • past highest temperature reached
  • average temperature It is important to note that the operating temperature of your sauna will greatly depend on the type of sauna it is. Infrared sauna's usually operate between 110 and 140 degrees F, while traditional or Finnish saunas operate at temperatures as high as 150 - 194 degrees F.

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