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Saunas and Weight Loss

One of the largest selling features that infrared sauna companies are promoting is their weight loss benefits. Most of any perceived weight loss that people experience during a sauna session is due to loss of bodily fluid through sweating. If you weigh yourself before and after a sauna session, you will most likely be lighter afterwards. As soon as you rehydrate you will find that the weight will magically reappear.

Some of the weight loss due will also be due to increased cardiac output and the body cooling itself. Estimates vary between 300 and 500 calories being burned during a single 30 minute sauna session. Although this would be better than no exercise at all, it would be healthier to go for a short walk or jog for weight loss.

You may have heard of professional athletes using saunas to lose weight, but they only need to lose weight for a few hours to make a weight division. As soon as they have been weighed they will consume large amounts of fluids to rehydrate. They are also usually closely monitored by a medical professional to make sure that they are not risking their health.

Most of the weight loss provided by saunas will be gained back shortly after.

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