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Steam Saunas

Steam saunas differ from far infrared sauna's in a variety of ways. Traditionally in order to add steam to the sauna experience, water was poured onto heated rocks, which caused an immediate transformation into steam. The more water added, the more steam was generated in the sauna. In modern steam saunas hot rocks are not often used. This is especially the case in public steam saunas as the heated rocks can be dangerous. Instead, a steam generator is used to produce the hot steam.

Benefits of steam saunas

  • Increased humidity makes it feel like you're sweating more, although this is usually due to the sweat not evaporating.
  • Lower temperatures feel hotter due to steam
  • Inhalation of the moist air can be beneficial to those suffering from bronchitis, sinusitis and allergies.

Negatives of steam saunas

  • Due to the high humidity many people find it difficult to breathe in steam saunas.
  • Steam saunas can take upwards of 30 minutes to reach operating temperatures.
  • The high humidity of a steam sauna can promote germs and bacteria that thrive in moist and warm conditions.
  • Steam saunas usually require a more difficult installation as they require a water connection for the steam.

    Deciding between a steam sauna and a dry sauna usually comes down to personal preference and the location where it will be installed.

    Steam saunas offer a different feel than dry saunas and infrared saunas

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