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Sunlighten MPulse Series Saunas

Sunlighten MPULSE series saunas are touted as the world's first smart infrared sauna, approved for both home and commercial use. The Sunlighten MPulse Series features a large number of models in a wide variety of different styles. MPulse series saunas are available in Hypoallergenic BassWood, Canadian Cedar, or Premium Teak. Some of the most technologically advanced saunas on the market, they feature Solocarbon custom spectrum heating technology, bio-feedback capabilities, lcd touch-screen control panel, ergonomic floating benches, and fully dimmable lighting. They are able to wirelessly pick up

Sunlighten MPulse Aspire Sauna

Featuring six far infrared heaters, for a total of 3260 square inches, the Sunlighten MPulse Aspire is a high end one-person sauna. The manufacturer touts it as being modest enough to fit in any room, while at the same time being spacious enough for your complete comfort.

Sunlighten MPulse Aspire Interior Dimensions: 37.6" W x 35.6" D x 71.5" H
Sunlighten MPulse Aspire Exterior Dimensions: 43.6" W x 41.6" D x 76.6" H

Sunlighten MPulse Believe Sauna

The Sunlighten MPulse Believe two person sauna features a high end 7" dvd screen to add to the luxury. It features Sunlightens Magne-Seal assembly system. This means that no visibile clips or screws are required for assembly. The unique magnetic connection system allows your MPulse Believe sauna to go together in a snap.

Sunlighten MPulse Conquer Sauna

The Sunlighten MPulse Conquer Sauna is the three person offering by Sunlighten. Like all Sunlighten MPulse Series saunas, the Conquer is outfitted with technology that allows it to wirelessly capture and measure your heart rate, and calculate calories burned.

Sunlighten MPulse Conquer Interior Dimensions: 64.6" W x 41.6" D x 71.5" H
Sunlighten MPulse Conquer Exterior Dimensions: 70.6" W x 47.6" D x 76.6" H

Sunlighten MPulse Discover Sauna

The Sunlighten MPulse Discover Sauna is the Sunlighten's MPulse series four person infrared sauna. It comes fully equiped with customizable heaters.

Sunlighten MPulse Discover Interior Dimensions: 64.6" W x 64.6" D x 71.5" H
Sunlighten MPulse Discover Exterior Dimensions: 70.6" W x 70.6" D x 76.6" H

Sunlighten MPulse Empower Sauna

The Sunlighten MPulse Empower far infrared sauna is the largest sauna in the MPulse series. It comfortably seats six people, and heats with 17 Solocarbon Custom full spectrum infrared heaters, for a total of 7,555 square inches of heater surface.

Sunlighten MPulse Empower Interior Dimensions: 79.6" W x 64.9" D x 71.5" H
Sunlighten MPulse Empower Exterior Dimensions: 85.6" W x 70.6" D x 76.6" H

Sunlight Saunas are market leaders in the infrared sauna industry and extremely prominant in the market.

For all your far infrared sauna needs

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